How can Crosstown Tickets save you money?  Well, first of all, buying directly from Crosstown Tickets, you know you are getting the best price.  StubHub charges a 15% fee to the seller, and 10% fee to the buyer. Sometimes more.  Crosstown Tickets?  ZERO FEES.  Read on.

Crosstown Tickets is dedicated to keeping their ticket prices as low as they can be.  While other larger ticket websites tease you with low ticket prices, we can assure you that at, the price you see is the price you pay.

Stubhub recently caught on and switched to an All in Pricing model. We agree that it is wrong to add on service fees, but is it any better to completely hide the fees? Sure, now their fees are included list price, but all that does is fully expose how inflated their prices are.

Stubhub did a lot of research and found that customers do not like the hidden fees (big surprise!). So they decided to hide the fees (25% or more) in the All in Price. Stubhub failed to realize that people just hate fees in general. Hidden or not, nobody likes paying more than you have to.

Furthermore, now that the fees are hidden in the All in Price, we have found that Stubhub now has the power to increase their fees to as much as 30% for events in high demand. Here is a screenshot of how Stubhub jacks up their fees on a $100 ticket. You never know what you are getting.

Crosstown Tickets is different

By keeping our advertising costs to an absolute minimum, we can be happy selling tickets at the bare minimum price and without tackin on additional fees.

If you find tickets cheaper somewhere else, or just can't find what you are looking for, please let me know. I will personally search and find you the best deal on tickets.


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