Sell Your Tickets with Crosstown Tickets

Season Tickets:

Crosstown Tickets excels in managing season ticket inventory. Whether it's a short football season or a 81 game baseball schedule, Crosstown Tickets has mastered the most efficient processes to get your tickets listed, priced, sold, and delivered.

When you list your season tickets with Crosstown Tickets, you pick out the games you want to sell, and we take it from there. We take the worry out of it for you. Crosstown tickets will list your tickets so they appear alongside our own, across thousands of websites, instantly. Your inventory will be managed just as if it were our own. Pricing is monitored on a daily basis to ensure all tickets sell at the best time at the best price for you. Once your tickets sell, we handle 100% of the delivery process. You literally have to do nothing but sit back, and wait for us to send you a check each month.

Single Event Tickets:

Do you have an extra set of tickets for an event, and want to sell them without any hassle? Contact Crosstown Tickets today. Our expertise extends to events nationwide. Simply email us your tickets, and we'll take care of the rest.


Our promise:

Crosstown Tickets will sell your tickets, and we will sell them well. You will be amazed by how easy it is!

With our lowest possible consignment fees, you will end up with MORE cash in your pocket than if you listed the tickets yourself. It's a win win. Contact us today, and I'll tell you how we do it.