Crosstown Tickets is different

Crosstown Tickets is all about saving you money. Other sites, like Stubhub, charge fees left and right. Buyer Fees? E-Ticket Delivery Fees? We don't believe in that nonsense. Even worse, Stubhub now hides their fees behind their all in price!

When you buy tickets from Crosstown Tickets, what you see is what you pay. We will never tack on extra fees. If it doesn't cost us anything to email your tickets to you, why would we charge you for it?


How it works

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You will see the listings that are available for Free Email Delivery indicated by the Green Icon. If a listing has the green icon next to it, there will be no charge for delivery. All other listings are likely hard tickets that will need to be shipped (FedEx, $12)

Also new, there is a separate tab for parking passes. I also hope you enjoy the updated seating charts.

You know Crosstown Tickets has the best deals. Now, buying tickets is easier than ever..

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